Lomi Lomi Salmon

8 oz. salted salmon fillet
fresh tomatoes, peeled and diced
1 medium Maui onion or any mild onion (substitute 3-4 thinly sliced green onions)

This is the most basic recipe for Lomi Lomi Salmon. Additional ingredients can be added based on personal taste. Wash hands thoroughly. Shred the salmon into small pieces with your hands. Add onions and tomatoes.
Massage this mixture with your hands until all ingredients are broken up and thoroughly mixed. Chill. (You can actually add 6-8 ice cubes and chill.)

If you can only find unsalted salmon, rub the salmon with rock or kosher salt and let stand overnight. Rinse thorougly and soak in cold water for at least one hour, changing the water several times. Also, lox can be substituted for fresh salmon if you cannot locate a salted salmon filet or do not wish to salt your own.

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